Surrender Massage Oil


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Muscle Cramps + Spasms | Restless Legs | Arthritis | Tension | Carpal Tunnel

Surrender Massage Oil is a gentle blend of anti-inflammatory essentials oils mixed in a massage oil that has the perfect glide, and can double up as a helpful bath oil. With its soothing and calming properties, you'll want to reach for this one to ease your discomfort.

Muscle Cramps + Spasms: gently massage into areas of discomfort. Works well with hot or cold therapy. Try applying before getting into bath or before applying a compress. 

Restless Legs: gently massage onto legs starting from ankles/feet and moving up toward the hips. For deeper relaxation, apply before getting into the bath and re-apply before bedtime.

Arthritis | Carpal Tunnel: gently massage into hands, fingers, or any affected joints. For added relief, try the Release Spray.

Tension: gently massage onto areas of tension. Try using the Medi-Mat first to melt away tension and encourage blood flow and quicker absorption of the massage oil.

Ingredients: Essential oils of Marjoram, Lavender, Blue Chamomile, and Roman Chamomile blended in Jojoba and Grapeseed oils.

For added relief, team up your Cool it! Lotion with the Surrender Massage Oil and save when you purchase the Duo.