Candle Making Kit


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Being keenly aware of our earth’s natural beauty, and not wanting to abuse it, we always want our containers to be reused or repurposed after the original wax has melted away. We created our Candle Refill Kits as an idea that will allow the container to be refilled with the same fragrance that was originally chosen, or to experience another of our truly intoxicating scents.

Our convenient Candle Refill Kits come with thirty-two ounces of a clean burning, United States grown, fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil. Our distinctive fragrances are saturated with layers of nuance, complex and intricate, and are designed to evoke a particular time and place, triggered by memories and nostalgia. The eight four-ounce wax cubes easily melt in microwave or on low heat in a just a few minutes. Some of our larger candles will require more than one refill kit.

Full instructions are included to repour your candle with the same quality as our original candle. The Candle Refill Kits also come with six additional wicks and specialized glue dots. They are available in all our current fragrances, which transcend fashion and fad, and are not trend driven. From Ancient Philosophy to Woodsmoke, our fragrances are timeless and unparalleled.