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The Marimba chandelier shade is expertly crafted from cane, and is carefully put together in small pieces for a unique and intricate overall look
 40 L x 40 W x 24 H Natural Cane 6 Tier Chandelier
The Marimba is finished in a natural rattan
color, while the chain rod and metal ceiling
cap match the shade's finish to pull the
design together for a cohesive look and feel.
The Marimba makes a statement with its
six tier feature that is sure to attract visual
interest. The Marimba is home to seven
lightbulbs, which make for tons of lighting
in any room, and ensures this grand
chandelier is lit up to the maximum.

The Marimba chandelier radiates tropical
elegance and design with its natural rattan
finish in a unique formation, and is a sure
way to add natural flare to any room.
The Marimba is a six tier
cane tropical designed
chandelier finished in
natural rattan.

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