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Waxing Poetic Don't Be An Asshole Cuff


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From her inspiring debut memoir, On Being Human, writer Jennifer Pastoloff examines the construct of the Inner Asshole (IA.) – that voice that separates us from Love. In her words,” I’m not gonna let it be the boss of me anymore. It can still be there but I’m the boss. I’m going to quiet it down. Your IA is the one who tells you all your bullshit stories. You ready to tell your IA to STFU? you in?” We’re are. Wear this cuff, and be reminded: DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE. A percent of the sale price of this cuff will be donated to The Aleksander Fund Scholarship, which provides scholarships to women who have lost a child so that they may have the support to attend an On Being Human workshop to assist in healing through empowerment. As Jen writes, “One of the things I learned from my mentor Wayne Dyer was to ask, “How may I serve?” This fund is an opportunity to do just that.” Learn More at Brass 2.5" WO8-BR-AHL